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Why Choose Us

  • Within
    your budget

    At JB Côté, dignity knows no price. For many different reasons, some people want ceremonious treatment, while others prefer simplicity. And we understand this. JB Côté offers a range of all-inclusive plans to meet your expectations and budget. For families seeking distinction, we also offer a wide and detailed choice of attentive personal services for each funeral.

    Should you wish, we are able to offer third-party financing under the Desjardins Accord-D program with no payment and no interest for the first 3 months, followed by equal instalments at a favourable interest rate over a period of 12 to 36 months.

    Our prearrangements are also an excellent way to avoid future price increases, while guaranteeing respect for your last wishes.

  • Always
    with dignity

    Regardless of your convictions or your budget, you can count on JB Côté to handle every detail, and a visit to our facilities will reassure you on this point. Since 1921, thousands of New Brunswick families have turned to us for peace of mind and support from professionals who strive for excellence in every way.

    To make an appointment to visit our facilities: 506-735-8435 or contact us

  • A tribute
    to life

    Funerals are important because they pay tribute to a person's life above all else. For the family and loved ones, it marks the start of the mourning process, which is why every detail is so important. You can count on JB Côté to suggest appropriate ideas and ways to fully celebrate the life of the deceased.

    We know that each individual is unique, which is why each of our funerals is special, without costing more.

  • Full services
    under one name

    Unlike most of the funeral homes in the areas we serve, JB Côté offers all the services you could need. For example, we are one of the few companies to have both a crematorium and a columbarium to hold cinerary urns. Our comprehensive approach saves on costs.

  • Accommodating and
    easy to find

    Over the years, we chose the location of each of our funeral homes so it would be easy to find with plenty of parking. Each one offers rooms that can be arranged to give small families the intimacy they want and larger gatherings the space they need.

  • A tradition
    of excellence

    JB Côté will soon be marking its one-hundredth anniversary. This long tradition of excellence and respect has given us solid roots and strong ties in the communities we serve.

    Though grounded in tradition, the reputation of JB Côté was also built on our ability to innovate and to anticipate our customers' needs. In providing comprehensive plans and all of our services under one name, including a crematorium, a columbarium and all the appropriate facilities to honour the life of the deceased, we have taken our rightful place in the lead. At JB Côté, tradition and innovation go hand in hand in our efforts to offer funeral services that meet the wishes and needs of every customer. No other funeral home can offer more!